Nintendo “R” Us | Pokémon Go Pokéball Airtag Keychain (Red)

by Nintendo "R" Us

Nintendo “R” Us | Pokémon Pokéball Airtag Keychain holder with cute 3D Anime Pokemon Ball design to protect your Apple Airtags

Literally, never lose your airtag!

- Compatible with:

Apple Air Tags 2021
Unique Shape: Super cute anime soft-touch appearance and the best protective case for your Apple Air Tags.

- The appearance is interesting and unique, and the style is chic and stylish.

- Very suitable as a gift for any class or gender this the Pokéball is a symbol of luck and acceptance.

- Excellent protection: Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance, this high-quality soft silicone case is very tough and durable, and is not easily deformed. At the same time, Dustproof, shockproof and scratch-resistant, and will not loosen or deform during long-term use, waterproof design to protect your Apple Air Tags 2021.

- Accessories: I include an extra durable carabiner with each order to not only easy to carry, but also decorate your Airpod.