Nintendo “R” Us | PAC-MAN ThumbGrip Cover Set Joystick Cap for Nintendo Switch (Lite), Silicone Analog Stick Cap for Joy-Con Controller

by Nintendo "R" Us

Shipping from the USA

Nintendo "R" Us - The Original Nintendo Switch Thumb Grip Supplier - Since 2020

These convex thumb grips are durable, long-lasting and work across multiple joysticks
such as:
Nintendo Pro controller
Nintendo Joycons, And more.
This set features a soft silicone image that is fun and gentle to the touch providing extra grip - Thumb Grips or Thumb Caps... Thumb Grip Caps... I don't care whatcha call 'em <-<; Just don't lose 'em eh?

Thumb grips can be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol or an alcoholic wet wipe
(Do not drink isopropyl alcohol, do not apply isopropyl alcohol directly to thumb grips while on any joysticks)

*Caution choking hazard - Silicone

- Convex thumb grips feature soft silicone Images bound to an ergonomic rubber base
- A more comfortable grip prevents gamers' thumb and blisters extending overall gameplay and enjoyment during some of the most intense fps and brawlers such as Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and Zelda Breath of the Wild to name a few.
- HD LASER CUT ULTRA 3D DETAIL - The quality of thumb grip you get is what you see in the listing, compare that to other sellers! You will see immediately --
we check twice for the best quality every time!
- Each set is beautiful enough to add to your collection
- Each set is prized as a collector's item - Collect them all - More are released yearly!
- Each set comes with a free random HD vinyl sticker and thank you card with a lifetime membership.

*Nintendo Switch Lite not included
(2 pc set)