Nintendo "R" Us | Marshall & Orange Silicone AirPod Pro Protective Carry Case

by Nintendo "R" Us

Nintendo"R"us | The Marshall & Orange Silicone Airpod Pro Cases feature a protective silicon shell that is very interesting, stylish, simple, and cute. Unlike most shells, the appearance of this protective shell is very characteristic and is a popular element that young people love very much.

Very Durable — The material used in this product is high-quality silicone, with a slightly matte texture on the surface, which feels very smooth to the touch, and is very resistant to friction and tearing. It can be used repeatedly and is not easily broken or deformed.

Protect Your AirPods — Although the case is very light and thin, the small size provides the safest protection. Never worry about your AirPods accidentally falling to the ground, it will protect your AirPods from being rubbed and dropped Damage caused. Shockproof, drop-proof and dust-proof.

Charging is Quick and Easy — The charging hole at the bottom is very precise, and there is no need to remove the case every time you charge, saving you time for removing the case. Ready to use and charge, very convenient and fast, and heat dissipation quickly, the body will not heat. Wireless charging not advised

Equipped with Keychain — The included carabiner is convenient for your travel. You can take AirPods with you at any time. The solid metal carabiner is not easy to break. Even if you are doing various sports and outdoor play, AirPods will not be lost.