Nintendo "R" Us | Pikachu & Piplup Cute Vinyl Valentine Sticker Set - 100 Count

by Nintendo "R" Us


Nintendo "R" Us | Pikachu & Piplup Cute Vinyl Sticker Set - 100 Count Kawaii Valentines Holiday Heart Gush Anime  Pokémon Emote Sticker Decal Stamps

100 Pokemon Mix themed stickers. Please refer to the pictures for references of what they look like.

You will receive all stickers in the pictures. Overall, this set has an excellent mix of different styles, sizes, colors, and references. If applied to a clean, smooth surface, will not come off due to rain or other environmental hazards.

Perfect for personalizing Laptops, Skateboards, Luggage, Cars, Bikes, Bicycles, Travel Cases, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Snowboards, Journals, Homemade Gifts, Scrapbooking, Hydro flask, water bottle, game console

*NO residue